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The exact origins behind blackjack's history aren't known, despite its huge popularity at online casinos and in real life casinos. Just like many other popular games, there is no definite story behind where blackjack came from. However, there are several theories which try to explain its history.

The Romans, who left Great Britain in 410AD, are known to have played a form of blackjack by using wooden blocks. On these blocks were different numbers that added up to twenty one. Although this theory has been around for a while, there isn't enough concrete evidence to explain this story as the origins of blackjack.

America is where blackjack started to increase in popularity. When French migrants came to the New World, they bought with them many card games, such as 'Vingt-et-Un'; this was played in French casinos. Other card games which might have had an impact on the formation of blackjack include 'Chemin de Fer' and 'French Ferme'.

Just like with the other migrants who came from Europe, French migrants moved across the New World and took this version of blackjack with them as well. By 1931, blackjack had spread to the West of America because Nevada (the first State to legalise gambling) started to play a different version of blackjack altogether.

The name 'blackjack' derives from a pay-out which many Nevada casinos were offering at the time. When a black card that had a Jack on it was dealt along with the Ace of Spades, odds of 10/1 were given, hence the name 'blackjack'. Although casinos haven't offered this pay-out for a very long time, the name has continued to this day.

With an betfair offering many different versions of blackjack, playing blackjack has never been so easy.

Last updated 13th June 2012

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