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Multi Hand Blackjack Terms

This page shows game specific terms for Multi Hand Blackjack you should also familiarize yourself with the general Blackjack Terms which apply to all versions of Blackjack reviewed on this site.

Double Down

This is a side bet that your hand will beat the Dealer’s with only one more card drawn. You can double when your hand has a value of 9, 10 or 11. You are dealt one card and your hand automatically stands. Doubling costs the same as your original bet. If you win you are paid double your total bet. This win amount is equal to four times your original bet.



This is a side bet against the possibility of the Dealer getting Blackjack. You can take Insurance if you do not have Blackjack, and the Dealer’s first card is an Ace. Insurance costs half your original bet.



You can split two cards with the same denomination, such as two Queens or two Fours. Your hand is divided into two separate hands and a bet equal to your original bet is placed on the second hand. You have effectively doubled your bet. A new card is dealt to each hand and you play these hands as normal.

Cards of the same value but not of the same denomination cannot be split in this version of Blackjack, for example a Ten of Diamonds and a Jack of Spades have the same value of 10 but cannot be split because they are not from the same denomination.

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