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In all of the Blackjack games we have reviewed on this site you can choose to play in expert mode and can program in you own strategy(with the exception of Multi Hand Blackjack where no Strategy Table is offered). We have found the default strategy for these games to be as good as any and although there are sites that suggest subtle changes we feel the changes made are too close to call or realy see any profitable difference.

Reading a Blackjack Strategy Table

The image below shows the default Blackjack Strategy Table for Atlantic City Blackjack.

The Left Hand Column Shows the value your hand and the top Row (2, 3, 4 etc), when you match the two up you are given the recommended action you should take.

Example 1: If you have a 5 of Diamonds and an Ace of Clubs the value of your hand is soft 16. If the Dealer is showing an Ace then according to the above Strategy Table you should Hit.

Example 2: If you are delt a 6 and a 3 your hand value is 9. If the dealer is showing a 3 the above strategy table shows you should double down.

The recommended Strategy varries depending on the exact version of Blackjack you are playing so if you look at the image below you will see the default Blackjack Strategy Table for European Blackjack

As you can see the layout of the Strategy table remains the same as in Atlantic city Blackjack and you will find this is the same for all variations. So with what you have learned you should now know that according to the European Blackjack Strategy Table above if you have a pair of 8's and the Dealer has card with a value of 8 showing you should you split them.

By comparing the above two Strategy Tables you can see there are a number of differences including that where the Atlantic city Stratagy Table recommends you surrender the European Strategy Table recommends you Hit, this is because you would not have the option to surrender when playing European Blackjack.

How to Access the Default Blackjack Strategy Tables

To access the default Strategy Table for your chosen version of Blackjack click on the Expert button in the contro panal at the bottom of the game screen as shown below.

After clicking the Expert Button you will enter Expert Mode and will have different options become available to you. To bring up the Strategy Table for that game click on the Strategy Button as shown below.

After clicking the Strategy Button you will beable to click on any cell in the Blackjack Strategy Table that will then appear and you can change any of the cells, so you can decide to have it Stand where it currently recommends you hit and so on.

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